Wednesday, August 15, 2007

He says "Throw my bike in the trash!!!"

This past week Marcus has learned how to ride a 2-wheeler bike! He's been practicing for over a year and now he's finally got it.
I knew the day would come when he would have his first crash.
I've been dreading the day because Marc does not forgive easily.
Last night it happened. There were too many factors working against him. The huge rainstorm with extremely loud thunder that brought slippery roads and the sharp turning he insists on doing.
He's now saying we MUST throw his bike in the trash. He seems to think it was the bikes fault! I tried to explain that the road was wet etc... and that even the best bike riders crash! We've all been there and we have to get back on the bike! We will not throw the bike away! I have a feeling he'll try again when this all blows over.

seconds before the big crash!

the results! that's nothin', right?


Fisher Family said...

Meg, are you guys in NC? I can't believe how big Marcus is...what a cute kid! You always gotta get back on the back though :)

Sarie said...

Poor guy. Well, sometimes you have to throw bikes away. I know it cost money, but hey, if he wants to give up, help him give up Meg.