Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Long and Short of it...

The long story is that my camera died. And it was only 2 months old. So you can believe what I did about that! Yep, I made Brent return it. But to our surprise and major frustration the store said "NO!" So Brent yelled at a few people and stuff like that. They told him to send it back to the manufacturer. So now we're waiting. Waiting for the camera (Brent says it'll be here before Thanksgiving but that's tomorrow!) and waiting for the run around to stop. Will it ever stop?

The short story is that we got family pictures taken. So guess what? I might just have a picture to post. Family pictures was an event of epic proportion. It was an extra chilly day, Charlie was MAD as usual and Marcus fell in the stream and had to be carried to the car in his underoos!


millie said...

I'm sorry about your camera, major bummer. Colton has had ours at the "site" to take pictures of all the new stuff each point is I don't like posting without a real photo.

Your family portrait looks really good. The other day Tiffany and I thought a grandkids photo for christmas might be nice. I understand what you mean about epic proportions. We were all worn out by the end of it, and we might be lucky to find one that isn't in illustration of chaos.

I had fun in getting beads the other day. I have yet to make anything, but I have pulled them out everyday since to look at them. I guess that's a starting point.

Ann Dee said...

I love your family photo, Megs. Who took it?