Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On Green...

A Leprechaun made a trail of green M&M's across our living room floor last night.

What? You don't have a Leprechaun that visits your house on March 17th? Weird. Well don't be mad and don't think Ah, man, I shoulda done that.
I'm never too mad when you have elves visit your house for the 12 days of Christmas. Although, things get crazy when I try to explain to the kids why elves don't come to our house.

Leprechauns are crazy little magical guys. Some years they come and some years they don't. This year... this was one of the good years.

Now if we could just figure out how they get in. Sneaky little guys, I tell ya.


Mandy Haws said...

Thanks for watching my kids tonight,not thanks for showing me up on St. Pattys My kids were telling Mom about their hopes of the green guy stopping by while they were gone, no such luck, this Mom's not that on top of things but I will remember next year, you better watch out!