Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Almost Yet For a Fillion Minutes!"

The title of today's blog says it all! If you don't understand it then you need to learn "Charlie Talk".

First- "Almost yet" is "almost" and "not yet" put together. Like if you were to say "Charlie, are you ready to go to the store?" He would reply "Almost yet!" Or "Charlie, should we brush your teeth?" "Almost yet!" he would say. You should try using it sometime. It's kinda fun.

Second- "For a fillion minutes!" is an easy one to figure out. And I hear it probably a fillion times a day from my Charlie the barely 3 year old! So if you're taking too long to do anything at all you're probably taking a fillion minutes and Charlie doesn't have time for that!

The kid has got major SASS! And if you'd like a taste of it, you're more than welcome to spend a day with him.


Ann Dee said...

I think I'm going to steal Almost yet. It's an awesome expression and it's way better than not yet.

Sarie said...

That's a great story Megan. Hey, something else, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sara Bareilles and many other great people are coming to Salt Lake. Some of my friends are going to Sara B. she's playing in Provo at the Velour.. crazy, huh? I think in mid Feb. You MUST GO. I only wish I could be there..

Sarie said...

email me at smyliejean at yahoo dot com.
I need to send you the link to the concert.

millie said...

I know just what Charlie is talking about. It seems like there are plenty of times when I'm "almost yet". Ask Colton. I might start using it to throw him off and buy myself more time. Maybe even a "fillion" more minutes if I'm lucky.