Monday, March 24, 2008


Look what happened... I posted again.

So much has happened in the last 2 1/2 months.

Here's what's been going down-

*Brent turned 30.

*Marcus lost 2 teeth.

*We've played a lot of Rock Band (is it bad that a 5 year old knows Nirvana and Blink 182 songs? You ask yourself that.)

*Charlie went to Sunbeams twice, all on his own!

*I've counted down the weeks until our new arrival (only 2 weeks and 4 days left.)

*We flooded our crawl space.

*Brent has thoroughly enjoyed cleaning out our garage time and time again!

*Spring Cleaning.

* I quit my bow-making job and now I feel free as a bird.

*Lots of playing outside- in the snow and now in the sunshine.

*Brent and I spent the night in SLC enjoying some RandR.

And too many more things to mention.

Now I must start my list of "to dos" before this baby comes and rocks our world.

p.s. I LOVE spring and I can't get enough of my tulips!


Sarie said...

I can't believe you are having a girl in just a couple weeks! So exciting. You need to put pictures of her on your blog. Just for me.