Thursday, July 24, 2008

And I don't think I've learned my lesson

So, I've told you about Marcus's friend Jordan before.
He's a saint of a child and only charges $5 to mow our third of an acre.
He really is a good kid.
And Marcus and Charles just love playing with him.
Sometimes Jordan forgets that he's 12, Marcus is almost 6 and Charles a mere 3.
We've encountered several occasions where the little boys have been hurt (trampoline, treadmill etc... )
But this one...this one takes the cake.

Marcus and Jordan were playing Wii. Marcus's turn to bowl. Jordan didn't want Marc to get a strike. Jordan throws a pillow at Marc. Marc's controller hits him in the tooth.
If only I would have known it was the last time I'd see that beautiful gap of his. Believe me. I would have taken lots of pictures of it.


Lindsey said...

OH my! Lucky it was not his permanent tooth! I've seen that happen way too many times. Marcus is adorable, even if he only has one front toof!

Sarie said...

Welcome to the club of missing teeth. Grace looks funn-ny right now.. I try not to tell her that. Meg, I love reading about you and your fam. More photos of Gwen maybe?

The Smiths said...

Sad - No more GAP! This is the first time McLane and I heard about Marcus running away though. Is this what I have to look forward to? Heaven help us! At least he came back - Phew. That was scary for a minute, I'm sure!