Thursday, July 31, 2008

You got it...

Gwen's favorite things to do:

*Sit up (almost on her own)
*Stand up (with help)
*Be on the move

This girl is a case for the record books!
She is so wiry and active. She's not a snuggler. And she doesn't like being held like a baby. She needs to be in the middle of it all. Always watching, always going. She's SO busy! Her personality is already showing and frankly, I'm a little scared.


Lindsey said...

Well, with hair like that I wouldn't expect any less from her! She so beautiful and you are too!

Sarie said...

oh my gosh a thousand times over. she's so stinkin cute. She's such a poser with her thigh rolls.. like, Gwen, honey, you are NOT fat, no matter what you try to pull. Those legs are to die for. And her mouth.. and hair.. and everything. Love love that baby already!

Laurie said...

ooooh she is cute. your blog is adorable. it was so fun to visit you the other day!

Fisher Family said...

She is just so cute Megan. You look so good too! I'm sure your boys are just loving having a sister!

millie said...

Oh Megan, you are in for it. She is a little doll.

I love the stories about your boys. Sorry about Marc's tooth. And I was rolling laughing when he was running away. I think I would have been crushed if my brothers had left to find a new mother. You are so funny. I love how you handle things.