Friday, August 8, 2008

A Day in the Life of Charles...

7:30 a.m.- 1st Breakfast
8 a.m.- tells Marcus his breath stinks
9:30 a.m.- plays in the rain
10 a.m.- 2nd Breakfast
11:30 a.m.- mini ice cream cone
11:35 a.m.- tells Marcus to 'drink his ice cream up like a man!'
noon- handful of chips
12:15 p.m.- 1st bowl of Ramen Noodles
12:19 p.m.- 2nd bowl of Ramen Noodles
12:30 p.m.- finishes off Grandpa's fries with fry sauce
1:30-3 p.m.- off to play with cousins (no notes on exactly what happened there.)
3:30 p.m.- finds an old bag of popcorn on the counter. Munches for a bit.
3:33 p.m.-begs for a snack pack of chocolate pudding. We're all out. Settles for chocolate chips.
4:30 p.m.- slice of left over pizza
6:00 p.m.- chicken nuggets with ranch
8:15 p.m.- large red otter pop
9:20 p.m.- chocolate milk
9:35 p.m.- fast asleep
Charlie was lucky today. He never gets to eat this 'good'. We usually have to throw some fruits 'n' vegis in there some where. Sheeeeesh!


Lindsey said...

Awesome! I would have fought him for the fries and fry sauce! I love that he tells Marcus how it is. He's totally rockin the attitude. I miss you guys!

millie said...

Veggies...Meg, what do you call fries and fry the I'm betting the Otter Pop is fruit inspired.

I also like his series of self-portraits. Very up close and personal, yet blurred and distant.

Sarie said...

He's so mysterious, that Charles. I really love your day in the life format, I think I'll steal it. What a little cutie.