Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On August 27th Marcus turned 6!
And this is how he spent his day:
He was up bright and early for birthday pancakes and the opening of gifts. Then he was off to his 8th day of first grade (1st day without crying!) Charlie, Gwen and I took doughnuts to his class for a treat. Marcus was King for the day! And they did treat him like royalty.
After school he got to open a few more things. His favorite gift: the skateboard.
For the afternoon party we headed to Jump-On-It. This was the crew: Charlie, Marcus, Sumner, Isaac and Porter.
And then we came home for cake and ice cream.
Thanks to all who made Marcus's birthday great!


Lindsey said...

You are pretty much the coolest mom EVER! Look at that cake! And birthday pancakes... this kid has got it made! It looks like he came away from Jump On It with his teeth still in tact so that's an added bonus! I can't believe he's six!

Sarie said...

Megan that cake makes you officially the best mom of all the western world. And probably the eastern I will bet.

Megan said...

Oh girls! You should have seen the cake before the motorcycle guy fell. You would have died!
p.s. and this cake was nothin'. But thanks.