Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's always something with these two...

So I went out to the garage fridge to grab another gallon of milk and came across this:

hhhmmm... a green bucket in the fridge... Wait a minute... Wwwwhat? A green bucket in the fridge?
So I pulled the green bucket out of the fridge and found this:

2 dead shriveled up worms.
And then I see this on the top shelf:

1 alive very plump worm in dirt.

I bet you can guess who I had questions for.

Turns out the 2 dead worms are Charlie's and their names are Jon and Shawn.

And Marc's is the one livin' the high life in the jar with the dirt. His name is Max.

So, we'd like you to meet our pets:

Jon, Shawn and Max.

(Jon and Shawn have definitely seen better days. Yikes! Who's gonna be the one to break the news to Charlie? Not me.)


Lindsey said...

I don't think that I need kids because reading about yours keeps me entertained! Poor Charlie, he provided them with such large living quarters, however, it was probably a little chilly.

trishafofisha said...

Oh man, believe it or not I miss those days. Just wait, in no time you'll be up to your eyeballs in boy band posters and High School Musical.