Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear Daylight Saving Time,
There's nothing I like about you. Never have, never will.


Sarie said...

I've been so tired since Saturday. I've been yelling a lot.

The Kraus House said...

I completely agree. It is the meanest trick in the book. You think that you are going to gain an hour and yet you are a vombie walking around the house so tired.

Mandy Haws said...

If I recall correctly, and I do, a few days prior to Day Light Savings you were in my home and quoted as saying "I am excited for Day Light Savings this year really I am. Usually I don't like it but this year I think it will be great to help Marcus get up for school, who knows maybe he could even make it to the bus in the morning" Yes it's true folks it's all true. But, I hear ya sister it's workin' me too. love, Mandy

Megan said...

Listen Haws, I probably did say something like that...I don't know... But I don't think I said anything about LIKING the time change! Sure, I'm a liitle happy about Marcus being able to catch the bus BUT that doesn't mean I'm happy about waking up an hour earlier and feeling super tired all day! Capeesh?