Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sleeping Beauty...

Sorry boys (are there any boys that read my blog? Ha!), this Sleeping Beauty is off the market. She's gettin' hitched tomorrow afternoon. Her big day is finally here and I'm so happy for her!

ps- Why do you think she ALWAYS falls asleep at my house?
A. She's just SUPER tired
B. My house is SUPER boring
C. My brown velvety couches are SUPER comfy
D. Other


Sarie said...

Definitely D. I think it must be a personal problem. My sister does the same thing.

Congrats Macy! He is one lucky guy.

Ann Dee said...

yay! it's the couches. ummm, van is driving me crazy and i can only calm him down by showing him a pic of charlie. he loves him and every new kid we meet he yells, "Chawyie!!!"

shaunandammie said...

Yeah for macey!! Tell her congratulations from me!! She is such a sweetie!

Mandy Haws said...

I'm going to go ahead and guess A,B,C, and D. I'm sure I'm right and she'll admit it. She just has the same sleeping disease as our oldest sister, Macie at least gets her head in a position that will hold it still instead of riding the bull. I'm glad Marnie will never read this ouch.