Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Lists...

I found the boy's Christmas lists. It looks like they worked together on this project and here's what they've come up with:

-new church socks (his church socks now bug him so bad.)
-dirt bike (uh, no.)
-whole basketball court (yes, and where would we put it?)
-new blanket (great idea)
-Madagascar 2 video game (we'll see.)
-Beast Quest books (like this one. Reading material.)
-nerf gun (don't we have a dozen of these already?)
-trampoline (maybe we'll put this next to the whole basketball court.)
-Wall E toy (do-able. But will never be played with.)
-ipod (maybe a shuffle)
-mini skateboards (more?)
-Star Wars the Clone Wars movie (I'll think about this one.)

-Power Ranger suit and mask (we already have this.)
-toy motorcycle (already have dozens of these.)
-new pants (as opposed to the hand-me-downs he gets from Marcus.???)
-Power Wheels Jeep (ummm...)
-tool box (I like this one. A little handy man.)
-Moon Sand (definitely do-able.)

And I'm thinking we'll get Gwen some batteries for all of the hand-me-down baby toys that don't work anymore. She's going to love it.


Ann Dee said...

can I get some moon sand too?