Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Christmas Showcase

This year for Christmas I thought it would be fun to showcase some people that go the extra mile this time of year. So I will be posting pictures and telling stories about people I know and others I'd like to know. And in the process maybe poking fun (with love, of course) at their crazy Christmas habits.

Let me introduce you to the first Christmas Kook on my list. Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful woman? If not, I feel sorry for you.

This is Mary Ann.

And this is how she does Christmas:

This is her 9 foot tall tree hanging from the ceiling. It boasts thousands of clear lights, hundreds of ornaments in green, red, purple and gold, ribbon, and hangy things.

(This picture really doesn't do it justice. It's enormous.)

This is her Grinch Tree. It's decorated with thousands of lights and lime green and red ornaments with the perfect little crooked top. This tree would make any Christmas Grinch grin with delight.

A cute little angel girl on the Grinch tree.

Mary Ann really outdoes herself every year. She just can't get enough of Christmas! This year she will have 3 trees, a house decked out in icicle lights and possibly even (get this!) a tree on top of the house! (that is if her little apprentice can figure out how to do it. And have it sustain the wicked lake effect winds.)

You think this year she's gone crazy? I wish I would've documented the year we had 11 trees!


Mary Ann in the flesh said...

That woman sounds amazing!! I bet the grandkids love it.

Mandy Haws said...

Love it girl. Love your new idea can't wait to see who's next.

Ann Dee said...

I remember how awesome your house was. Always. But especially at Christmas. Your mom is the best.

Lindsey said...

Your mom is so awesome! How creative and so cute! I have never seen a grinch tree or a tree hanging from the ceiling, they are both adorable! It sounds like Clark is in good company with your mom.

shaunandammie said...

I love it!! Your mom is such a fun person. I love the grinch tree, How cute!

Sarie said...

Who's the apprentice, I want to know? Zac?

Megan said...

Sarie, You know it's Zac! Stay tuned...he may be feature as a kook himself!

Panooch said...

I love Mary Ann. Like Dee, I remember how awesome your house always was. I am still in shock over the hanging tree - fantastic!