Saturday, December 27, 2008

Festivities At a Glance...

Tuesday December 23rd-
All things are finalized.
Brent and I make one more run to make sure we've got the best gifts Santa could give. And while we're out we eat at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. My review: ah, it was ok. Maybe we'll try the Cajun fries next time.

Wednesday December 24th-
I send Brent to Smith's for any necessary food we might need. I have major anxiety knowing I will not be able to go to the store on Christmas day. I most likely won't need anything but what if I do?!... the anxiety!
Marcus and Brent going sledding in the backyard (they built an awesome hill down to the pond.)

We have our second annual Christmas Eve Swim at the pool in AF and then we get pizza. (who wants to do dishes on Christmas Eve? Not me.)
Marcus goes to bed pretty early so Santa can come but since Charlie had a nap he's up til 10.
Santa comes to deliver the toys while Brent naps in Charlie's bed. Santa even sets up the HotWheels loop de loop (unofficial name.) Because Santa is the bomb.
Santa addresses all the gifts in lowercase cursive. (that'll throw 'em off.) Interesting.
I go to bed without having major anxiety for the 1st time in 30 years. Peaceful. And very tired.

Thursday December 25th-
Marcus wakes up at 5:50 a.m. I make him wait until the rest of us wake up, close to 7 a.m. We all come downstairs to check the loot. Everyone is pleased. They may not have gotten everything on their list but the good thing is that they totally forget their lists at this point.
I make breakfast.
Then you know what I did? Took a nap for 2 hours.
We headed down to Noni's to open more gifts.
We came home to make our contribution to Grandma's Christmas dinner: rolls.
After dinner we had a live nativity with 12 of the 13 grandkids. What? You think Charlie would participate in something like that?
Then it was the gift exchange. And Brent got the Nerf Vulcan EBF 25. HOLY MACKEREL!
When we got home I tried to clean my house but the kitchen was all I could do before I crashed.

Friday December 26th-
The things I did:
-made breakfast for Charlie and Gwen
-took a nap
-tried to clean
-organized the boy's room. Out with the old, in with new. (why didn't I do this BEFORE Christmas?)
-made lunch
-watched Elf
-attempted to make doughnuts
-sent Brent to Smith's for doughnuts (I'll leave that up to the professionals.)

The things I definitely did not do:
-brush my teeth
-change out of my PJs
-clean my house
-leave my house

Friday could possibly be the best day I've ever had. Bubba, please don't EVER go back to work.
And then, you know how it all ended?
As I was unplugging the Christmas tree I glanced outside to see if it was snowing and I watched 11 deer walk down my driveway and then down the street. Cute little things (except not too little.) They made it all perfect.
Pictures to come soon. Very soon.


Laurie said...

Wow, your Friday sounds a lot like my Friday, although I did brush my teeth around 6pm because Matt's sister and hubby were coming over. :)I am glad you guys had a a great Christmas.

Ann Dee said...

Doughnuts? Seriously?

Erin said...

Ahhh!!! Sounds like a good christmas time to me!!

Mandy Haws said...

I'm glad you answered your own question about how the night ended I was getting a little nervous.