Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bats in the Belfry...In more ways than one...

(the following story is not an old Halloween tale. It is a true story that happened to ME this very day.)
Early this morning, before the sun came out, I was awakened by a little boy saying "Mom, what's that noise?"
Me: "What noise?"
Charlie: "That click, click, clack noise."
(waiting in silence... WE hear it again...)
Me: (shaking Brent) "Bubba, what's that noise?"... (louder) "Bubba, what's that noise?"
(listening to the noise coming from above our closet...)
Marcus: "Did you hear that?"
Me and Brent: SSSHHHHHHH!!!!
(here it goes again...)
Me: "Honey, what is it?"
Brent: "It's too inconsistent to be an animal."
Megan: "So it's a human?"
(, freaking out inside...I CANNOT live in a house with other creatures...)

So, Brent hops up and heads to the shower to get to early morning meetings for church. He could care less about the creature we have living among us.
I jump up, TRYING to play it cool in front of the kids. First thing... shoes... I need shoes... can't go in the closet. Luckily, I left my flip flops by the door. I slip them on quick and tell the kids to meet me downstairs for breakfast.
I'm trying to ignore the whole thing. Really I am. But it's impossible. I'm thinking of mice, rats with long tails, birds and mostly bats. It is that time of year. When the bats fly. And I've heard they're known to get stuck in belfry's. Our attic is kinda like a belfry. And we haven't heard it during the day. He's probably asleep up there. And you know what he'll be doing all night long. Yep, flying. I'm freaking out!
Brent wants to go up there. But what if he opens the attic door and rats fall out everywhere!
Seriously, what should we do? What should I do?
I will keep you posted on what this creature is and what we do about it.
If you think you have an idea of what it could be or maybe some advice, please comment.


Downey said...

Crazy! Maybe it's just a pack of happy little butterflies. Or magical fairies who are watching over your house and protecting your kids. It could never be anything so unpleasant as bats or mice! Good luck finding it.

The Kraus House said...

Kade told me to tell you; One aerosol spray can, and a lighter become an effective flame thrower, Just in case things get a little crazy, but then you might have a burning on-fire bat flying around your house, scratch that.

love ya

heidi said...

Yuck times 7! I feel your pain...we had a creature (turned out to be a magpie) caught in our hood above our gross! Anyway, I found this great place to come get it out. I can pass the info on if you'd like. You are brave, I would be screeching, crying and generally having a fit. You go girl! Let me know if you want the #...good luck! Heidi Gray=]

Sarie said...

um. ew. We had a family of 7!! mice living in our Mesa condo. I organized their extraction. mousetraps, peanut butter, cages... a freeing ceremony in a nearby meadow. All very romantic.