Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who dey?

Every weekend we are reminded that Brent's Bengals really are a terrible team. With Ocho Cinco and all. I've tried giving Brent other options like The Browns (they're orange too), or The Steelers (my brother's favorite team.) But no! Brent is not a fair weather fan. He stays true to his Bengals no matter what. It can get a little embarrassing when Brent insists on wearing his bright orange Bengals shirt every Saturday and most Sundays. But Brent wears it proudly.
One year when the Bengals actually win some games, what are you gonna do? Will you come to the orange side? Will you leave your team? Are you a fair weather fan?

Who dey?

Who dey?

Who dey think gonna beat them Bengals?

I'll tell you who...just about ANYBODY!

(Did you seriously just waste your time watching that video?)


Katie said...

This is AWESOME! I am still laughing!

Jake and Emy said...

I watched it. I watch anything nowadays! We check out your post all the time, makes me feel like we are right there in Utah! In fact, you probably will get sick of hearing from us! Keep us updated with pictures or posts about how awesome Brent is. Love Emy!