Sunday, October 19, 2008

6 Months

Little Miss Gwen


*Eating real food

* Her brothers

*Being naked

*When her Mom sings "You are my Sunshine"

*Kicking and wiggling

*Being outside

*Going places

*Napping in her car seat


*Sitting up

*Playing with anything other than her own toys

She's a real beauty!


Sarie said...

She's gonna be that girl. That everyone's jealous of. She has so many talents and interests already!

Jake and Emy said...

She has changed so much! I can't believe those eyes! We wish Nikko could be there to play with her!

shaunandammie said...

She's so adorable! That pink bow is so cute! Good thing she has 2 older brothers to beat the boys off.

Ann Dee said...

That lil' miss Gwen is so smart and so cute.

heidi said...

Could she be any cuter...I don't think so!=]