Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Week Four: We were thinking cinnamon rolls. But at the last second switched things up. Ann Dee and I had pears that needed to be used. So we made a pear tart and a pear custard pie.
I totally screwed up the pear tart (what's new?) by adding a whole cup of water to the crust instead of 3 T. Seriously. Ding dong. I tried to fix it but nope.
Dee made a delicious pear custard pie. It was really nice. I will make it again sometime.
Mill was there too. She made us lunch. You'll never guess what we had. Yep. Pasta with the most amazing roasted tomato with basil sauce! I'm serious, that sauce was awesome. My favorite lunch so far. Mill, you've got mad skills.
We watched 2 episodes of Project Runway. Trying to get Dee and Mill caught up. Can you even believe that they don't know who won yet? Crazy, I know.
Week five is rapidly approaching. Oh! And it's gonna be good!