Friday, October 10, 2008

Projects with Ann Dee

A few weeks ago Dee and I decided we would get together to work on projects. These projects would consist of almost anything. From baking bread to learning how to do the splits (Millie's request.)

Week One: My house for Halloween decoration making. We had ideas of origami bats and paper ghosts. Instead we ate Tomato Soup with bread to dip.

Week Two: Dee's house for a crash course on Artisan Bread. Turned out mine tasted like bug spray. But I figured out why. And now I know I can make it so it tastes just right. For lunch, it was pasta with amazing tomato cream sauce that the famous Colton made.

Week Three: Back to Dee's for......we weren't certain. But it was a good time. And I took her some spiders to hang in her windows. Kathy was there and taught us about her diet/exercise plan. Sounds very interesting. I may need another session with her to fully understand it. But yes, we ate. BLT's (Charlie's request.) I'm seeing a trend here. With the tomatoes. Dee LOVES tomatoes and she grows plenty of them in her garden. So we eat. Tomatoes.

Week Four is shaping up to be something like a huge Cinnamon Roll party. Hopefully it really happens. With the four (sometimes more) kids it gets a little wild. Either that or we get lazy and chatty.
Personally, I'm looking forward to the week we meet at Millie's to learn how to do the splits. That's an interesting talent to have. And I'm in the market for interesting talents.


The Merrills said...

Sounds like a good time! Please make sure you get pictures of the splits party.

Panooch said...

So fun! I wish I could join you guys. Your baby girl is so cute!

Do you remember Raymond Oyler?

The Smiths said...

I'm hoping that one day, after I have the baby, I will be able to do the splits again. We can have a family talent show and our talent will be doing the splits. Can't wait.

millie said...

Whose going to lead the split project? I'll host, but I don't know nothing when it comes to splits.

Looking forward to baked sweetness.

Remind me to tell you something about starlings when we get together.

Ann Dee said...

the tomatoes froze. Too bad. We'll have to transition to something else. Squash? I am so excited for buns and i can't do the food/diet thing. I Tried and I binged. So, maybe just the exercise?

Sarie said...

I thought I commented, but apparently not. I was juh juh jealous reading this. Wish I coulda been there for even two minutes of it. Especially the "I wasn't certain" day.